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Someday (Poem)

Ahh… happy memories. Does anyone remember those?

Someday I shall be better.

I’ll be a person who can speak their mind

Without the constant fear of what others think.

I’ll choose my own passage,

My own words,

And I’ll read aloud from the holy book of me.

Because I can’t do that now.

Someday I will be braver.

I’ll be able to stand on my own two feet

And not lean against the wall that’s doing nothing

But keeping me away from the people

I could be friends with

If only I gave myself the chance to speak my head’s voice and not my mouth’s.

Because I can’t do that now.

Someday you’ll understand me.

I’ll be someone you can like and not just this constant

Worry that one day she could disappear

And nobody would notice she was gone.

I’ll be a voice that’s heard and a voice

You’ll want to hear.

I won’t just be this niggling, condescending twat in your ear.

Because that’s what I am right now.

Someday these words won’t mean anything anymore.

They’ll be a past you can hardly recognize

Because the girl beside you will be optimistic.

She’ll be able to speak to you any time she wants

And not twenty minutes later when

You’ve already gone.

Yes, someday I’ll be one of you. Someday I’ll be as brave as you.

But for now I’ll just be here for you

And I’ll keep trying.   

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Unmoved By This War

It was a decision that we made,

Not completely but many the same.

A voice came together and shouted

That our kingdom should be held accounted,

Should stand alone and rule alone,

Should keep our pride tied to the throne.

That we should give our love and guidance

To only one, and we picked a side and

Civilly war against our families

And in the middle we collapse entirely.


It was a decision that we made,

That we should all have our say,

That each of us had something to give

And that allegiance made us somewhat captive

To a decision made by a forced group mind

Turning us against our kingdom, ‘our kind’.

We fall apart, on buses, on channels,

Creating our own television and radio panels

On exactly why each other is less than us

And in the middle we regretfully remain nonplussed.


It was a decision that we made I suppose

That all these fights that we have proposed

Have left us miserable, scared, waiting and wanting to sink,

For now we are cowards for not knowing what to think.

We are cowards for thinking of each other,

For reminding ourselves of sisters and brothers.

The things you taught us of loyalty and love

Are not important to anyone else above

For these do not matter to the other side

And in the middle, it’s clear you have no pride.


But I do have pride, a pride for each person.

I have hope that we will come back to care soon

For each other as we fought to pretend,

A hope that these schemes will soon end

And a knowledge of this forgotten future

Were we sow the seeds into this rotten manure

Of the history books that will simply read

‘Humans died because that’s what humans need’.

And so, yes, I choose to watch, I choose to fear

Because in the middle I am making sure I remain

And I see…

People Clear.

Author’s Notes: My father is heavily into politics. Growing up he would take me with him to his party meetings, I would help stick flyers in envelopes and deliver them around in our area before and after school. Somehow, despite this, my sister and I grew up to feel uncomfortable with politics and explaining to my dad why was and still is hard. After an argument between us, in which I failed to explain my side and he believed I had no opinion on politics at all, I went upstairs and wrote this poem. Finally. I felt my dad understood my side. I’m a writer and I want to remain somewhat open-minded but it doesn’t mean I don’t care. If you’re into politics, like my dad, then great– you do you. But don’t assume other, quieter people, aren’t thinking about it too. We’re just less vocal, that’s all.